Test Your Fashion PR Skills w/ 4 Mind-Blowing Questions

Test your Fashion PR Skills

By: Yazmina Cabrera 

1. Can you, in 30 seconds or less, convince someone who has never heard of your brand that it’s worth their time to see the collection?
Mastering your oral communication skills is a must when you are a Fashion PR, specially when expressing your client’s wonders to the public (on the phone, in person / to a wide audience, to one journalist). In a fast moving environment, learning to be concise and always go straight to the point is key to capture people’s attention. Read a full post about this here.

2. Can you craft a compelling, well-written pitch for both a fashion magazine as well as a business publication?
Learning to differentiate these two types of media and narrowing your pitch to each one of them belong to the basics of Fashion PR. It is not only about knowing your audience, but also about recognizing which publications suit your client’s product and how you will morph the message to capture their attention. Read a full post about this here.

3. Do you know the basics of how to train someone to be good in front of the camera or in an interview with a journalist?
Either talking to the cameras after your client’s fashion show or being interviewed by a journalist during a press day are things that will eventually happen to you as a Fashion PR. Yes, show time will arrive and you have to be prepared for that!Read Crosby Noricks’ advice about this subject.

4. Can you create a brand pyramid for your brand without any assistance?
This is the question I would love you to participate in. Leave me a message below -or if you are too shy send me an email- explaining the brand pyramid concept using your favourite Fashion brand as an example.
Your answers will be featured in Girl with a Banjo before New Year’s Eve!

[via: Girl With A Banjo]

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